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continuous mixer, and delivered in a freshly mixed condition. Historically, the method of batching and mixing takes place in a truck-mounted unit specifically designed for this purpose. The C09.40 subcommittee is only one of many subcommittees which function as a part of the Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates.

Avoiding uniformity problems in truck-mixed concrete

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mixer, and good parallel timing and uniformity in charging of cement and water are es­ sential to production of good quality concrete with minimum mixing time. Two of the four makes of mixers tested produced satisfactory quality concrete at mixing times ranging from 30 to 180 sec. Results and evaluations of factors contributing to poor


The slump test is used to ensure uniformity for different loads of concrete under field conditions. The slump test is perhaps the most widely used because of the simplicity of the apparatus required and the test procedure. The slump test indicates the behavior of a compacted concrete cone under the action of gravitational forces.

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Prior to mixing, carefully examine the mixer to assure that all requirements of Specification 2461.4C2 regarding blade wear, drum speed, timing, etc. are met. The mixer shall produce concrete at a rate applicable to the size of the pour and the type of operation. Mixers having TM-82, Concrete Uniformity - Engineering_Policy

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These fresh concrete pro p - e r ties are related. If one is satis-f a c t o r y, usually the other is satis-f a c t o r y; if one fails the test, the other usually fails. The coarse Mixing concrete in the truck takes proper procedures By Bruce A. Suprenant Truck Mixer Standards To ensure high-quality re a d y mixed concrete, the Truck Mixer

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The objectives of mixer testing can be many. The most common reason for testing a mixer is to determine the mixing time at which an adequate or satisfactory blend is obtained. In order to help clarify the requirements for a test procedure to be used for uniformity, the following criteria are offered: 1. The assay principle should be based

Use of a Moisture Sensor for Monitoring the Effect of

on Uniformity of Concrete Mixtures Kejin Wang 1 and Jiong Hu2 Received 9 January 2005, accepted 18 June 2005 Abstract The present research is to explore a new approach to monitoring uniformity of concrete mixtures. A given concrete mix was subjected to three different mixing procedures. A moisture sensor was installed inside a pan mixer to

Ready mixed concrete: variability analysis of the

the mixer and the importance of quality control testing of concrete to certify the safety of structures, this study aims to analyze the uniformity of concrete mixtures in concrete mixer truck, during un-loading the material, to determine if there is significant variation in IBRACON Structures and Materials Journal • 2013 • vol. 6 • nº 1 195

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October.17, 1977, the central concrete mixer did not meet the uniformity test requirements of ASTM C-94, and this condition was not properly identified nor corrected. Specifically, the central batch plant mixer was permitted to continue production of safety-related concrete material, and approximately 27 placements with a total of 4,141 cubic

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Use this test method of test both in the laboratory and in the field for determining consistency of concrete. NOTE: Do not use this test for nonplastic and noncohesive concrete, nor when there is a considerable amount of coarse aggregate over 2 in (51 mm) sized in the concrete. B. Apparatus The apparatus consists of the following: 1.


METHOD OF SAMPLING FRESH CONCRETE A. SCOPE This method describes the procedure for obtaining samples of fresh concrete from stationary and paving mixers, from truck mixers, agitators or dump trucks, and from forms and subgrade. B. REFERENCES California Test 518 - Density of Fresh Concrete AASHTO T 141 - Test for Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete


UNIFORMITY TEST PROCEDURE 80 TABLE H-1 (UNIFORMITY TEST APPLICATION) 82 TABLE H-2 (UNIFORMITY TEST DATA SUMMARY) 89. NYSDOT 4 Requirements, Concrete Mixer and Delivery Unit Requirements, Proportioning, Handling, Measuring and Batching Materials, Concrete …

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The mixing time should not be less than 2 minutes in any case. Segregation should be avoided while unloading the concrete from the mixer. Workability of concrete is an important property of concrete while concrete is in its fresh state. Therefore slump test or compaction factor test should be performed to check workability of concrete.

Experimental Study on Gap-Graded Concrete Mixing Uniformity

Experimental Study on Gap-Graded Concrete Mixing Uniformity p.42 Effect of Mineral Additives on Internal Relative Humidity and Dry Shrinkage of Light Weight Aggregate Concrete

IS 4634 (1991): Methods for testing performance of batch TM-82, Concrete Uniformity - Engineering_Policy

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discharge. This delay in placing concrete is extremely important when the test is on the first load of concrete of the day. 5-694.505 CONCRETE AGE-STRENGTH RELATIONSHIP Concrete strength varies with age. Under con tinuous favorable conditions, concrete continues to gain strength indefinitely. Samples of concrete taken from old pavements and