Numerical Study on Concrete Pumping Behavior via Related Information

Numerical simulation of concrete pumping process and

Feb 01, 2012 · A numerical simulation based on CFD and discrete element method was conducted. The solid-fluid multiphase flow problem in concrete pumping progress was studied. A model for understanding the erosion severity on the wall was established. The maximum erosion was observed at 30°∼40° of the outer wall. The results have good agreements with those observed in actual case.

Fluid Flow Optimization Procedure for a Pump intake using

May 11, 2015 · The numerical study carried out in this paper aims at optimizing the overall fluid flow in a pump intake by the use of a commercially available CFD code. the methods to be implemented for the rectification of these issues are not concrete- the geometry of every pump intake is unique due to its site specific considerations and its intended

[PDF] Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Wall

With the increasing volume demand of silos, silo diameters are bigger and bigger. However, present wall pressure computation methods are mostly based on small diameter silos. There is little system research on large diameter silos. To solve this problem, systematical research by three-dimensional finite element method on large diameter silos was carried out in this paper.

Heat and Mass Transfers in a Heated Concrete Element: 20

The aim of this work is to carry out a numerical study on the coupled heat and mass transfers in a concrete element exposed to elevated temperature in order to explain the behaviour observed during experimental studies. Comparisons were drawn on numerical and experimental results on the thermo-hydrous behavior of a concrete element.

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Numerical Study on the Initial Pumping Process of the Cable-in-CT Installation Analysis of the Displacement of Buried Pipelines Caused by Adjacent Surcharge Loads Study on the Impact of Pipelines of Different Diameters and Materials by Tunnel Excavation

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concrete or metal to concrete. REZI-WELD (IP) is resistant to most chemicals and moisture insensitive. REZI-WELD 3/2 – Epoxy Grout-Patch Kit REZI-WELD 3/2 grout-patch is a moisture-insensitive, two-component epoxy kit for grouting, sealing base plates, and patching concrete. Part A, the specially formulated epoxy resin

Numerical simulation of concrete pumping process and

Feb 01, 2012 · A numerical simulation has been conducted to study the solid–fluid multi-phase flow problem in concrete pumping process. The kinematics and trajectory of the discrete particles as well as the particle–particle interaction were predicted by DEM while the motion of the continuous fluid phase was evaluated by a Navier–Stokes solver, and a pressure gradient force model was adopted to

Numerical Simulation of the Ion Transport Behavior in

Numerical Simulation of the Ion Transport Behavior in Concrete under Coupled Axial Loading and Sulfate Attack Wenzheng HE, Linsheng XU*, Lili WANG* Abstract: During a sulfate attack on concrete, ions, which are transported to the interior of concrete through pores, react with the concrete …

Punching Shear Behavior and Design of an Innovative

May 03, 2017 · Experimental and numerical studies have investigated the effects on punching shear behavior and resistance of the proposed shear connection system under different design variables, including concrete depth above the shear stud, concrete compressive strength, concrete tensile strength, shear stud dimensions (length and diameter), and reinforcement.

Numerical Study on Concrete Pumping Behavior via Local

Numerical Study on Concrete Pumping Behavior via Local Flow Simulation with Discrete Element Method

Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Progressive

An experimental test was carried out on a 3/10 scale subassemblage in order to investigate the progressive collapse behavior of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Investigation of alternative load paths and resistance mechanisms in scaled subassemblage and differences between the results of full-scale and scaled specimens are the main goals of this research.

Numerical Study on Seismic Behavior of Composite Shear

Numerical modeling was carried out via OpenSees. Five composite shear walls with different shapes of steel-encased profile and one typical reinforced concrete (RC) shear wall subjected to lateral cyclic displacements and different levels of axial load in the range of …

The Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pump: A Dynamic …

Abstract— Concrete pump booms are subjected to vibrations that increase mechanical stress and shorten their lifespan. This paper aims to study the problem by considering the two subsystems, the boom and the concrete pump, that have the greatest effect on the phenomenon. The authors supply numerical and experimental tools that can analyze the

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Grouting. Grout is a composite material generally consisting of water, cement, and sand. It is typically used for filling voids under machines or other structural elements, sealing joints and openings in surfaces and reinforcing existing structures.

Segregation of granular materials in a pulsating pumping

Oct 29, 2019 · The transport of granular media is an omnipresent process in industry and science, e.g. in the pharma- and consumables sector, mining industry, and the handling of fresh building materials like concrete [1,2,3].The transport of these materials is usually executed via gravity outflow like in silos or with a screw conveyor [3, 4].This will cause a nearly constant outflow velocity.

Numerical Study on Concrete Pumping Behavior via Local

To better understand the fresh concrete pumping mechanisms in detail, the discrete element method is employed in this paper for the numerical simulation of local pumping problems. By modeling the coarse aggregates as rigid clumps and appropriately defining the contact models, the concrete flow in representative pipeline units is well revealed.


Experimental and Numerical Study of Mechanical Behavior of Welded Steel Plate Joints. Metals Kefid | journal-article DOI: 10.3390 Wei ZHANG via Scopus - Elsevier Seismic behavior of precast concrete beam-column joints with steel strand inserts under cyclic loading. Engineering Structures 2020

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Jul 16, 2020 · A new kind of pit-shaped bionic plunger proposes to reduce the frictional resistance of the reciprocating plunger and improve its sealing performance. According to the dorsal pore of earthworm, the bionic pit structure with different parameters designed and processed. The friction resistance test, observation test, and finite element analysis carried out.

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A Numerical Study of Early Summer Regional Climate and Weather over LSA-East. Part I: Model Implementation and Verification The Pennsylvania State University–NCAR Mesoscale Model (MM5) and a simplified simple biosphere (SSiB) scheme are modified and then coupled to study various regional climate and weather problems.

Experimental and Numerical Study of Structural Effects of

This paper is the English translation from the authors' previous work [Kanazawa, T., Sato, Y. and Takahashi, R., (2019). "Frost damage of reinforced concrete beams and analytical evaluation of its static failure behavior." Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers. Ser. E2 (Materials and Concrete Structures), 75(4), 293-307. (in Japanese)].