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Learner's definition of CEMENT. [noncount] 1. a : a soft gray powder that is mixed with water and other substances to make concrete. a bag of cement. cement mix. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples. b : the hard substance that is made when cement is mixed with water and allowed to dry : concrete.

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cement mixer (cement mixers plural ) A cement mixer is a machine with a large revolving container into which builders put cement, sand, and water in order to make concrete. n-count food mixer ( food mixers plural ), food-mixer A food mixer is a piece of electrical equipment that is used to mix …

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Define cement mixer. cement mixer synonyms, cement mixer pronunciation, cement mixer translation, English dictionary definition of cement mixer. n. A revolving container, often mounted on a truck, in which cement, sand, gravel, and water are combined into concrete.

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Literary usage of Concrete mixer. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature: 1. Concrete Costs: Tables and Recommendations for Estimating the Time and Cost by Frederick Winslow Taylor, Sanford Eleazer Thompson (1912) "Schooner $1000 concrete mixer 700 Two derricks, two engines and one boiler 2000 Two scows 1000 Tug boat 4000 $8700 Add 10% …

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'On the way to the City from Jnanabharti junction, concrete mixers are left on the roadside, making the already narrow road narrower.' 'Paddy went to England as a seventeen-year-old in 1947 the year of the big snow and his first job was on a building site feeding the concrete mixer which he described as backbreaking work.'

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A concrete mixer (often colloquially called a cement mixer) is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. A typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components. The concrete mixer was invented by Columbus, Ohio industrialist Gebhardt Jaeger.

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Concrete | Definition of Concrete by Merriam-Webster A building block in most construction projects, concrete is responsible for about 8 percent of global We carry ready mix concretes, standard concrete mixes, cement mixes and other masonry mixes. Just add the materials in a concrete mixer, grab your concrete or bricklaying tools

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Concrete quantity synonyms, Concrete quantity pronunciation, Concrete quantity translation, English dictionary definition of Concrete quantity. a physical object or a collection of such objects. See also: Concrete Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co

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The basic working element of a concrete mixer is the mixing drum, rotated by an electric motor. Stationary concrete mixers, used as equipment at concrete plants and installations, are differentiated from mobile ones, utilized for small-scale jobs. According to the nature of their operation, concrete mixers may be cycle-action, the most

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Cement mixer definition, a machine having a revolving drum, often motor-driven, for mixing cement, sand, gravel, and water to produce concrete. See more.

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Definition of cement mixer. : a truck that has a large container which turns when it is filled with wet cement so that the cement will not become hard.

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What does mixer mean? A sociable person. (noun) She's outgoing and a good mixer.